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What are LinkClicky’s features?

  • Automatic Conversion Tracking — All you need to do is cut and paste a link from an affiliate system into LinkClicky. With LinkClicky, the correct ‘subid’ is automatically created in LinkClicky. No more worrying about setting up ‘subid’ fields for each affiliate link.
  • Over 10,000 Merchants Supported — Track conversions with most merchants and affiliate systems. Support for affiliate systems such as CJ, Impact, ShareASale, TUNE, Cake, Rakuten, and many more.
  • API Integration (24 systems supported) — While LinkClicky supports postbacks, API calls are the preferred method to track conversions. API calls are more reliable than postbacks. In addition, API integration allows you to capture more order information and record the true conversion date rather than the time of posting.
  • Auto-Generated Postback — For supported affiliate systems, get an auto-generated postback URL. There is no need to look up how to set up a postback link in LinkClicky. Just cut and paste the URL that’s given, and you’ll be tracking conversions in no time!
  • Upload Conversions — Track conversions for merchants with limited conversion tracking. For networks that do not support a postback or API, you can upload a comma-delimited report of your conversions.
  • Add New Affiliate Systems (At No Additional Cost) — Don’t see an affiliate system supported? If their system supports postback or reporting that includes a ‘subid,’ I’ll support it free at no additional cost!
  • Weekly Link Checking — You no longer need to worry about invalid links and missing out on lost revenue. Get emailed a daily report of bad links in LinkClicky.
  • Track Conversion Sources — Get UTM information and track conversions from a tag you can add to any affiliate link.
  • Interstitial Page — It masks all of the data passed to LinkClicky, so the links on your website are easy to read. In addition, the interstitial page can be used for sending higher-intent visitors to Facebook’s pixel.
  • Track Ad ROI (Pro Edition) — Send your affiliate conversions to Google Ads, Microsoft Ads (Bing), and Facebook. Know if your ads are ROI-positive. Create the much-needed feedback loop so ad networks know which audiences are converting.
  • Facebook Server API Events (Pro Edition) — Track Facebook Purchase events, Lead and Initiate Checkout events as server events for affiliate offers and email signups (requires Woopra). Works not only with affiliate products but also if you sell your own products.
  • CPC Tracking — Measure campaigns that are CPC and get an accurate measurement of the revenue generated from CPC links.
  • Send Conversion Info to Woopra — Allows end-to-end customer journey tracking. Get much-needed insight into conversions.
  • Woopra Web Form Tagging — (Requires Woopra) At the time of web form submission, the name and email of the individual should be tagged. This redirection script ensures each visitor is correctly identified. Supports most of the popular web form submission systems.
  • Multi-Device Tagging via Email — (Requires Woopra) Merge multiple devices into one session in Woopra when a visitor clicks on a link. Get a full picture of a visitor using multiple devices and on your mailing list. Works with ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, and Drip. It can be used for any page view and for affiliate links.
  • Thinkific -> Woopra Integration — (Requires Woopra) Track Thinkific orders, enrollments, lessons completed, and login events in Woopra.
  • Kajabi -> Woopra Integration — (Requires Woopra) Track Kajabi orders in Woopra.
  • ConvertKit and Drip Integration — (Requires Woopra) Track your emails, opens, and clicks within Woopra.
  • Lead Events — (Requires Woopra) Track when a visitor becomes a lead (before conversion). If you want more granular tracking of a visitor in a merchant’s sales funnel, you can do so with lead events. Currently works with Impact affiliate network and TUNE affiliate system.
Updated on September 27, 2023

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