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LinkClicky WordPress Plugin

If using UTM Tracker, you will need to remove and uninstall it. UTM Tracker is no longer needed and cannot be installed at the same time.

Install this WordPress plugin to track referrers from your website to LinkClicky better.

HTTP referrers are unreliable and, in fact, can be blocked by modern web browsers. By installing this plugin, we can pass the last page visited by the user before clicking on an affiliate link.

Download LinkClicky 1.0.9 WordPress Plugin

Upload this plugin within WordPress and enable it.

Make sure the initial configuration has the cookie set properly.

Go to the Settings menu in the WordPress Admin console and select LinkClicky.

Depending upon your domain setup, you’ll need to add a leading period (.) to your domain. This is so subdomains will see the cookies set with the plugin, which includes the LinkClicky service.

For an example, see below.

Updated on September 23, 2023

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