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How to upload Post Affiliate Pro conversions?

Connection Method:CSV Upload
Link Detectionpartial
Pricing Models:CPA, CPC
Supported Events:lead, conversion
Update Schedule:N/A
SubIDs (max length):additionalData1 (unknown)

LinkClicky supports uploading Post Affiliate Pro conversion data.

When uploading, please make sure you do not upload previously uploaded conversions. Otherwise, those conversions will be counted more than once.

  • To begin exporting under the Reports section, select the Commissions menu item.
  • The following fields must be selected:
    • Commission
    • Total Cost (if available)
    • Order ID
    • Created
    • Status
    • Recurring Commission ID
    • Type
    • Last Click Data 1
    • Merchant Note

      All other fields are unnecessary and will be ignored in the upload.
  • Create a pre-defined LinkClicky export to reuse these default fields. You can name it LinkClicky Export or something similar.
  • When done, press the Export to csv button. The file must be in CSV comma-delimited format and use the server timezone as the export option.
  • Then, upload the CSV file in the LinkClicky admin area named Import Events. Select Post Affiliate Pro as the affiliate system.
Updated on May 10, 2023

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