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How to upload generic CSV event data to LinkClicky?

Not all merchants support a standardized method to send event data. Many use custom in-house affiliate tracking software. The data they send back to you as an affiliate at times can be problematic.

The generic CSV upload format does not have a method to track previously uploaded events. If you upload a previously uploaded event, it will be counted again (twice) as a new event. You should keep track of previously uploaded events to prevent this from occurring.

Fortunately, LinkClicky supports the uploading of a generic CSV file.

To upload a merchant’s event data, you must lay out the file in a format LinkClicky can understand.

The CSV file can be edited with tools like Microsoft Excel. The following columns are required when uploading the generic CSV format:

  • trackid – The unique tracking id that was sent to the merchant at the time of click.
  • type (optional) – The type you are recording. It can be one of the following events:
    • checkout – The visitor started the checkout to purchase the product
    • addcart – The visitor has added an item to the shopping cart
    • signup – The visitor has signed up to a mailing list.
    • lead – An event that has a zero amount of commission. (see What are Lead Events?)
    • conversion (default) – A sale has occurred. (if blank will be used)
    • chargeback – A chargeback of a conversion
    • event1 – event5 – custom events that can be used for any purpose
  • commission – The commission for the event
  • sale (optional) – The sale amount of the event
  • event_date (optional) – The date and time of the event. The column must be in GMT timezone.

The CSV file must be in comma-delimited format with optional quotes. The first row must contain the column names and match exactly what is listed above.

Updated on May 31, 2024

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