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How to set up RV Media Network (Bankrate) Affiliate API?

Connection Method:API
Link Detectionyes
Pricing Models:CPA
Supported Events:lead, conversion
Update Schedulehourly
SubIDs (max length):tid (unknown)

RV Media Network (previously Bankrate) offers many banking and credit card offers in its affiliate network. To get access to RV Media’s API, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to their customer portal.
  2. Once logged in, select your profile at the top right menu. From that menu, select Manage Publisher.
  3. Copy the following items from the page: Publisher ID, Reporting API Client ID and Reporting API Client Secret.
  4. The Property ID is found in another section. From the next top right menu (the menu with your domain(s) listed), select View Properties.
  5. Copy the ID field that is your Property ID.
  6. Now login into LinkClicky’s control panel.
  7. From the left menu, select Affiliate System under the Integrations menu.
  8. For RV Media entry, press the Edit button.
  9. With the information copied from above, insert the data into the JSON info listed below in the API field.
  10. When done, press Save.

JSON API Information

        "property_id": "[PROPERTYID]",
        "client_id": "[CLIENTID]",
        "client_secret": "[CLIENTSECRET]",
        "publisher_id": "[PUBLISHERID]"
Updated on January 13, 2024

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