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Destination URL variables

Sometimes, merchants have specific tracking needs with their affiliate links.

When redirecting to the destination URL, you may have the need to add additional information at the time of redirect. These variables are replaced with information at the time of click.

They are currently as follows:

  • trackid – The unique identifier that will be used to match a click to an event in LinkClicky. It is randomly generated and 20 characters in length. If LinkClicky detects the affiliate system used, it will add this automatically.
  • referrer – The previous web page before clicking on a LinkClicky link.
  • tag – The parameter after the keyword (i.e. /keyword/tag ). See tags for more information.
  • c00c19 – Click parameters that can pass data from a webpage to the destination link.

To use any of these variables, you must enclose them in brackets [ ].

The destination URL must be the correct URL format. LinkClicky does not sanity-check your URL is in the correct format.


You want to pass the referrer to the destination page to set up a destination link like the one below.


If the link came from https://larryludwig.com/somepage/ it will append that to the URL and will look like:


A more complex example.

If you want to pass the tag and two-click parameters to an Impact affiliate link.


At the time of click, the variables will be replaced with the following:

Updated on November 23, 2023

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