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How do I set up Everflow Affiliate API?

Connection Method:API
Link Detectionyes
Pricing Models:CPA, CPC
Supported Events:lead, conversion
Update Schedule:hourly
SubIDs (max length):sub1 (unknown), sub2 (unknown), sub3 (unknown), sub4 (unknown), sub5 (unknown)

Everflow is an affiliate system that brands cannot only use directly but also as a white-labeled affiliate network. One such network is Aragon Premium.

How To Setup Everflow Affiliate API

In many cases, you will need to contact the affiliate manager to get API access enabled.

  1. Login to your Everflow account.
  2. To access your API key, go to your Company Settings.
  3. From that area, select My Account.
  4. Select the section API.
  5. Login to your LinkClicky dashboard.
  6. On the left side menu, select Affiliate Systems.
  7. Edit the Everflow entry.
  8. Insert the JSON info below with the edited [APIKEY] from the previous step.
  9. When finished, click Save

API Information

  {"apiKey": "[APIKEY]"}
Updated on December 8, 2023

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