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What can I do with a Lead Event?

While it’s great to track events in LinkClicky, what can you do with this information?


It is best to think of LinkClicky Lead Events as another step in a merchant’s product journey or otherwise known as a sales funnel.

When a lead event occurs, it can trigger other events. A more common method is sending this data to an ad network.

You can then create a Woopra Journey report to show the progression of a merchant from the landing page to click, to lead, and then eventually a conversion. In addition, you can use Lead Events in Woopra to trigger events in other services.

Use Case

A great use case example with the affiliate program Doordash.

Doordash only pays affiliates when a driver performs their first drive, but via the Impact affiliate system, they send back information when they become a lead – submission of their email address via their signup form.

Let’s use an example of you as an affiliate having a landing page promoting Doordash with a mini-email course on educating potential drivers on the benefits of Doordash. The visitor signs up for your mailing list that’s hosted on ActiveCampaign.

In your ActiveCampaign automation, you recommend Doordash with affiliate links to their service.

Your email subscriber signs up to Doordash, which triggers the Lead Event in LinkClicky, which in turn sends that information to Woopra.

That visitor is now marked as a lead in Woopra.

This Lead Event in Woopra can trigger automation in ActiveCampaign to switch to another email sequence. ActiveCampaign now to the email subscribe and how to get them to their first drive.

Updated on September 23, 2023

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