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Setting up TUNE for an Affiliate Program

This is for publishers who sell their own products. This isn’t for affiliates who sell other companies’ products. Please refer to our other documentation.

To add LinkClicky to TUNE, you must enable a global click macro to track every click in Woopra.

  1. Log in as your TUNE admin
  2. In the left side menu, click on Company and then Customize Application.
  3. In the Settings subheading, select Tracking.
  4. You first want to enable the Global Click Macro by selecting Enabled in the drop-down menu.
  5. Next, enter the Click Macro URL with the link listed below. Replace [LINKCLICKYDOMAIN] with your LinkClicky domain.
  1. When done, click on the Save button at the bottom of the page.

For an example, see below.

Whitelist IP Addresses


JSON API Information

   "networkid": "[NETWORKID]",
   "apikey": "[APIKEY]",
   "events": {
      "goal": {
      "purchase": {
         "thrivecart" : "[WOOPRA_REPORT_ID]",
	 "wizebank" :"[WOOPRA_REPORT_ID]"
Updated on November 23, 2023

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