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Tapfiliate Affiliate Postback setup

Connection Method:Postback, CSV
Link Detectionpartial
Pricing Models:CPA
Supported Events:lead, conversion
Update Scheduleinstant
SubIDs (max length):subid1 (unknown), subid2 (unknown), subid3 (unknown)

Tapfiliate does not offer an API option, and you need to set up a postback link or upload a CSV file.

Follow Tapfilliate Instructions

The first step is to follow Tapfilliate setup instructions.

Create the trigger in Tapfiliate as a webhook and use these settings:

URL: https://[YOURLINKCLICKYDOMAIN]/event/?trackid=${conversion.click.meta_data[subid1]}&com=${conversion.commissions}&val=${conversion.amount}
Method: GET

Postback Bug

Currently, Tapfilliate has a bug with their postback when sending the ${conversion.commissions} variable. It does not properly expand to send a commission amount and will cause the postback to fail.

For now, as a workaround, is to hardcode the commission amount.


This example will send a commission amount of $75.00. Adjust according to your needs. Replace the com= variable in the postback above with a fixed commission amount. If the commission varies, use an average amount.

An alternative is to upload conversions into LinkClicky via a CSV file, which will include the commission amount.

Updated on November 25, 2023

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