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How to track Affiliate Conversions with Google Ads

LinkClicky currently captures and sends these events to Google Ads:

  • Leads
  • Registration
  • Checkout
  • Conversions

This option requires the Pro edition of LinkClicky and Woopra.

The first step is to grant permission to LinkClicky to have access to your Google Ads account. This has to be done via a request by LinkClicky to your account. Please supply your account ID with LinkClicky customer service.

Adding UTM Tracking to Google Ads

Next is setting up your tracking for every ad in your account, automatically tagged with the proper information.

  1. Under the left menu, select Settings
  2. Then select Account settings.
  3. First, make sure Auto-tagging is set to Yes.
  4. Next, setup a default Tracking for all ads by copying the info listed below.
  1. When done, press the Save button.

Creating Google Ads Conversion Entries

The next step is setting up the conversion entries for each step.

  1. In the Tools and settings menu section under Measurement, select Conversions from the menu.
  2. You’ll need to create an event for each event you wish to track from the data in Woopra.
  3. Press the + New conversion action button.
  4. In the next step, select Import.
  5. Then select the option Manual import using API or uploads.
  6. Then select Track conversions from clicks.
  7. When done, select the Continue button.
  8. For Goal and action optimization, select one of the following options
    • Purchase
    • Begin checkout
    • Qualified lead
  9. Then enter a Conversion name, which is used in the LinkCicky API setup. LinkClick recommends:
    • LinkClicky – Purchase
    • LinkClicky – Checkout
    • LinkClicky – Lead
  10. Then enter a value. For purchase events select Use different values for each conversion. LinkClicky will pass the conversion value. For checkout or lead events select Use the same value for each conversion. Set an amount you think each checkout or lead event is worth (ie $2.00)
  11. Next select the Count event. Select Every.
  12. For the Click-through conversion window, select 90 days.
  13. For Attribution, it is recommended to use Last click since the data coming in from Woopra is attributed via this method. This historically Google Ads likes to change this back automatically to Data-driven.
  14. When done press the button Create and continue.
  15. Then on the next screen, press the Finish button.

When creating Google Conversion entries you must wait 3-4 hours before you can use them.

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Updated on November 22, 2023

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