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How can I customize my interstitial web page?

Many LinkClicky customers wish to customize the look and feel of their interactive web page before clicking on the affiliate offer.

You can edit the file in your LinkClicky docroot named user/redirect-page.php

If you want to hide the interstitial for all redirections, simply remove the redirect-page.php file.

The interstitial web page is written in PHP and fully supports anything you can code in PHP. However, you should keep the existing functions and format so your redirection page still operates.

LinkClicky Functions

  • linkclicky_get_keyword_brand_name($keyword, 'Your Offer') – Displays your brand name or description field per link
  • meta_refresh_redirect($location) – used to redirect to the affiliate offer.
  • linkclicky_js_redirection($location, $data, 2) – performs the redirection via Javascript.
Updated on November 22, 2023

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