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How can I setup a postback with LinkClicky?

The preferred and best method to set up an affiliate system is via their API. APIs are a more reliable method to retrieve affiliate conversions.

Unfortunately, some affiliate systems do not have an API as an option. They may offer an older method in affiliate marketing called a postback.

APIs are polled on a scheduled basis (i.e., every hour), whereas a postback is pushed and sent at the time of the event.

Here’s the info you need to set up an affiliate postback with LinkClicky.

Postback Variables

  • trackid – The unique tracking ID that was sent to the merchant at the time of click.
  • com – The commission for the event
  • val (optional) – The sale amount of the event
  • time (optional) – The time the event occurred in Unix timestamp format.
  • type (optional) – The type of event you are recording. It can be one of the following events:
    • checkout – The visitor started the checkout to purchase the product
    • addcart – The visitor has added an item to the shopping cart
    • signup – The visitor has signed up to a mailing list.
    • lead – An event that has a zero amount of commission. (see What are Lead Events?)
    • conversion (default) – A sale has occurred.
    • chargeback – A chargeback of a conversion
    • event1 – event5 – custom events that can be used for any purpose
  • e00 – e19 (optional) – Custom fields for storing at the time of the event

Replace [YOURLINKCLICKYDOMAIN] with the URL of your specific LinkClicky installation.


Example Postbacks

The example below is just a sample postback. Depending on the affiliate system, the variable names and format will vary from system to system. Contact your affiliate account manager for the proper postback format.

For better documentation of LinkClicky, please submit the format needed for any affiliate system we currently do not list.

Keep in mind the postbacks below are only examples. You may want to adjust if you want to capture additional information.

BrandEventExample Postback
Augustaqualified leadhttps://[YOURLINKCLICKYDOMAIN]/event/?type=commission&trackid={{sub_id}}&val=0&com={{payout}}
Updated on December 7, 2023

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