Actionable Reporting

Know exactly which clicks lead to conversions regardless of the source. Track performance by web page, tags, device, and country.

LinkClicky is the Cuisinart of affiliate marketing tools. It can slice and dice your affiliate conversion data to get you the critical information. Stop wasting time checking multiple affiliate systems. With LinkClicky, you can view all your affiliate conversions in one place.

LinkClicky also works with Google Analytics and Woopra so you can get additional insight into your visitors.


Get a bird’s-eye view of your clicks and conversions by day, month, or year. See comparisons to the previous reporting period. Reporting is available site-wide by link, grouping, and affiliate system.

LinkClicky - Summary
LinkClicky - By Link

Reporting By Link

Get clicks and conversion data by link. Compare links by conversion rate, EPC, or CPA.

Reporting By Page

The most important report for affiliate marketing bloggers. Find out which web pages and traffic make you the most money. LinkClicky uses referral data and proprietary technology to track page clicks. For deeper insight, LinkClicky integrates with Google Analytics and Woopra.

Reporting By Tag

Referral data can sometimes be unreliable. That’s why LinkClicky developed tagging. Every affiliate link can be uniquely tagged so you know the exact source of your clicks and conversions. Works well with YouTube videos, social media, and email campaigns. You can also use it to track which button on a web page yields more conversions.

Reporting By Device

Some affiliate programs convert better on smartphones than desktops. Get insight into which devices convert and should be used for precise ad targeting.

Reporting By Country

Find out which countries your visitors are converting from and better optimize your online ad campaigns.

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