Affiliate Ad Conversion Tracking

Send your affiliate conversions to the ad networks.

Most affiliate marketers rely solely on organic search traffic. Unfortunately, with Google, you’re only one search update away from your traffic cratering.

If an affiliate marketer does venture into paid ad campaigns, it’s usually hit-or-miss. They may have an idea of their ROAS or ROI, but they don’t know for sure. LinkClicky will tell you exactly how much money you’ve made from your ad campaigns. They make it easier for you to diversify your traffic and revenue so you’re not relying on Google search alone.

With the LinkClicky Pro, you can send all of your conversion data to the ad networks. LinkClicky supports the standard checkout, lead, and purchase ad network events.

You can create ads as if they were your own products and get the same reporting data. You can create top-of-funnel ad campaigns and retargeting ad campaigns for visitors with high intent.

Know which ad campaigns are ROI-positive and making you money, and shut down the unprofitable campaigns. Create the important “feedback loop” for the ad networks so they know which traffic is converting and can send more of the same. LinkClicky works with affiliate products as well as your own products.

LinkClicky’s clients have generated millions of dollars from their affiliate ad campaigns.

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