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If you are a blogger or influencer, find out how you can make more money with LinkClicky.


LinkClicky was built by an affiliate marketer for other affiliate marketers. If you are a blogger or social media influencer, LinkClicky is perfect for you. LinkClicky isn’t for merchants who sell their products; it is for affiliate marketers offering products from other merchants. If you are merchant there are other suitable services such as Impact, TUNE, and Everflow.

Yes. Parts of LinkClicky are installed on a web hosting provider of your choosing. We’ve found that many customers prefer to manage redirection links on a hosting provider they control rather than with a service. Most web hosts that support WordPress can host LinkClicky. For specific requirements, please read below.

LinkClicky’s software requirements are very similar to WordPress. They are as follows:

  • PHP 8.1
  • MySQL
  • Crontab
  • SSH

LinkClicky is installed for you. There’s nothing you need to install yourself.

No. Unlike other services, which charge you more as your site revenue grows, LinkClicky charges a flat monthly fee.

No. However, Woopra offers most customers greater insight into their website visitors. LinkClicky does one thing and one thing very well: track affiliate clicks and conversions. LinkClicky is not a full-blown analytics tool, so it interfaces with Google Analytics and Woopra to help website owners better understand their visitors’ behavior (i.e., page views, retention, etc.).