Product Features

Did you know you can find out where every conversion comes from, including the specific traffic source and link?

Discover what makes LinkClicky unique and how it can help make you more money with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Link Management

Use the same cloaked link for your blog, social media, email, and offline. Manage all of your affiliate links in one place.

Tracking Analytics

Know exactly which clicks lead to conversions and from what sources. Track by web page, tag, device, and country.

API Integrations

LinkClicky works with over 50 affiliate systems and services. APIs are easier to set up and more reliable than postbacks.

Ad Network Support

Send affiliate conversions to Google Ads, Facebook, Microsoft Ads, and TikTok. Get your ROAS and ROI per ad campaign.

External Analytics Support

Send click and conversion data to Google Analytics and Woopra. Get the full picture of your website visitors.

Extendable API

LinkClicky can be easily extended and integrated with other services. Send critical information to other applications.

Locally Hosted

Affiliate links are one of the most critical services to an external company. With LinkClicky, you host your links.

Centralized Reporting

Tired of checking multiple affiliate systems to track your revenue? LinkClicky keeps them in a single location.

CSV Conversion Uploads

For custom affiliate programs or affiliate programs with no API, LinkClicky supports uploading conversions.

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