35 Best AI Affiliate Programs (2024)

Welcome to the ultimate guide on the best AI affiliate programs available today. By 2030, AI technology is predicted to contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy. This showcases the significant economic impact AI is expected to have, highlighting its importance across various sectors and industries for the foreseeable future​​.

As artificial intelligence continues to revolutionize industries, it opens up many opportunities for affiliates looking to tap into this lucrative niche. Whether you’re an experienced marketer or just starting, our carefully curated list of AI affiliate programs offers something for everyone.

Each program we feature has been selected based on its earning potential, reliability, and support provided to affiliates. From cutting-edge software tools that leverage AI for analytics and automation to innovative platforms that provide AI-driven services across various sectors – these programs are designed to help you maximize your earnings while promoting products at the forefront of technological advancement.

I’ve included the logos and direct links to these top-tier AI affiliate programs. Explore their unique benefits, commission structures, and how they can fit into your content strategy. Joining is simple – click through, sign up directly with the program that aligns with your audience’s interests, and earn commissions on every successful referral.

Top AI Affiliate Programs

Here's a highlight of the top 5 affiliate programs in the ai niche. Each affiliate program was chosen based on its popularity, conversion ability, payout structure, and product quality.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly harnesses advanced AI to offer an innovative writing assistance tool that enhances clarity, correctness, and communication for users worldwide. By integrating seamlessly across multiple platforms and devices, it provides real-time grammar checking, spell checking, and suggestions to improve vocabulary and sentence structure. The platform caters to a diverse range of needs from academic writing to professional correspondence, ensuring that every piece of text is polished and effective. Grammarly's sophisticated algorithms not only correct errors but also help users learn from their mistakes, making it an invaluable resource for anyone looking to improve their writing skills.

  • Regions: Worldwide
  • Affiliate Platform: ShareASale
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days
  • Commission: $20 per lead, $0.20 per sale

2. Anyword

Anyword harnesses the power of advanced artificial intelligence to revolutionize copywriting, offering a data-driven copywriting platform that optimizes marketing text for higher conversion rates. With predictive performance scores and tailored language models, Anyword assists businesses in crafting compelling content that resonates with their target audience across various channels. By analyzing millions of data points, Anyword provides actionable insights and suggestions to refine messaging for emails, ads, websites, and more. This innovative tool empowers marketers to make data-backed decisions in their copywriting efforts, ensuring every word works towards achieving their business goals.

  • Regions: Worldwide
  • Affiliate Platform: Impact
  • Commission: 20% First-time subscription, 20% Re-subscription

3. Listening.io

Listening.io transforms written content into high-quality, natural-sounding audio, making it easy for websites and content creators to engage audiences through the power of listening. With a simple integration process, this innovative service offers a seamless way to provide users with an auditory experience of blogs, articles, and more. Leveraging advanced text-to-speech technology, Listening.io helps increase accessibility and consumption of online information by catering to those who prefer or require audio over text. This platform is an essential tool for enhancing user experience and broadening content reach in our increasingly mobile and multi-tasking world.

  • Regions: Worldwide
  • Affiliate Platform: Impact
  • Commission: $40 per paid subscription

4. Deep Art Effects

Deep Art Effects is an innovative company that specializes in transforming ordinary images into extraordinary works of art using advanced AI technology. Their platform offers a unique blend of artistic styles and filters, allowing users to create stunning visual effects with just a few clicks. With a user-friendly interface and the ability to cater to both amateur and professional artists, Deep Art Effects democratizes art creation by making it accessible to everyone. The software's versatility extends from personal photo enhancement to providing creative solutions for businesses looking to add an artistic touch to their visual content.

  • Regions: Worldwide
  • Affiliate Platform: CJ Affiliate
  • Commission: 25% per sale

5. designs.ai

Designs.ai is an innovative suite of AI-powered creative tools that streamlines the graphic design process for businesses and individuals alike. With a focus on accessibility, this platform offers solutions such as a logo maker, video maker, mockup generator, and design maker to empower users with professional-grade visuals in minutes. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence technology, Designs.ai simplifies complex design tasks by providing intuitive editing capabilities and customizable templates tailored to various branding needs. This toolset is designed to enhance productivity and creativity for those looking to elevate their digital presence without requiring extensive design experience.

  • Regions: United States, Worldwide
  • Affiliate Platform: Awin
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Commission: N/A

The remaining affiliate programs are listed in alphabetical order. Click on the logo to find out more information about the affiliate program.

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