62 Best Cyber Security Affiliate Programs (2024)

Cybersecurity has become a critical concern for businesses and individuals in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. With cyber threats rising, there is an increasing demand for robust security solutions to protect sensitive data and maintain privacy. This growing market presents a unique opportunity for affiliates looking to tap into this lucrative niche.

Joining a cybersecurity affiliate program can be an excellent way to generate income by promoting top-notch security products and services. These programs offer competitive commissions, high conversion rates, and the support you need to succeed as an affiliate marketer in this specialized field.

Whether you’re new to affiliate marketing or looking to expand your portfolio, we’ve curated a selection of the best cybersecurity affiliate programs available today. Each program comes with its benefits, from generous commission structures to extensive libraries of promotional materials. As you explore these opportunities, consider factors such as payout thresholds, cookie durations, and product reputation before choosing.

Beneath this introduction are logos and links that will guide you directly to each of these premier cybersecurity affiliate programs. By partnering with these trusted brands, you’ll earn commissions and contribute towards creating a safer internet environment for everyone.

Top Cyber Security Affiliate Programs

Here's a highlight of the top 10 affiliate programs in the cyber security niche. Each affiliate program was chosen based on its popularity, conversion ability, payout structure, and product quality.

1. 1Password

1Password offers a comprehensive password management solution that secures your digital life with just one click. Trusted by millions, this intuitive service provides strong, unique passwords for all accounts while storing sensitive information in a virtual vault protected by end-to-end encryption. With seamless integration across devices and platforms, 1Password simplifies online security for individuals, families, and businesses alike. Enhance your cybersecurity posture with 1Password's advanced features like breach alerts and secure sharing options.

  • Regions: United States, Worldwide
  • Affiliate Platform: CJ Affiliate
  • Commission: 25% per sale

2. DeleteMe

DeleteMe is a privacy protection service that specializes in removing personal information from the internet, safeguarding individuals from identity theft and digital profiling. By targeting data brokers and websites that sell or share private details, DeleteMe ensures your sensitive data stays out of the public domain. Their team of experts continuously monitors and removes personal information, offering a subscription-based model for ongoing protection. With a commitment to empowering users with control over their online footprint, DeleteMe provides an essential service in an era where data privacy is paramount.

  • Regions: United States, Worldwide
  • Affiliate Platform: CJ Affiliate
  • Commission: $30 per sale

3. Kaspersky

Kaspersky is a global cybersecurity firm that delivers multi-layered security solutions to help protect consumers, small and medium-sized businesses, and large enterprises from a wide array of digital threats. With over two decades of expertise in developing advanced cyber protection programs, Kaspersky's innovative technologies and services include anti-virus software, internet security tools, endpoint security options, and threat intelligence systems. Their comprehensive suite is designed to safeguard users against the evolving landscape of cyberattacks such as malware, ransomware, phishing attempts, and sophisticated online fraud. Committed to ensuring safe digital experiences for everyone, Kaspersky provides reliable defenses for personal data integrity across various devices and operating systems.

  • Regions: United Kingdom, United States, Worldwide
  • Affiliate Platform: CJ Affiliate
  • Commission: 0.1%-20%, 3.99 GBP per sale,10%-20% per sale

4. keepersecurity.com

Keeper Security is a leading cybersecurity platform that specializes in password management and digital vault services, providing robust protection for individuals and businesses against data breaches and cyber threats. Their advanced encryption technology ensures the safe storage of sensitive information, while facilitating easy access across multiple devices. With features like secure record sharing, breach watch alerts, and emergency access, Keeper Security offers a comprehensive solution to enhance online security posture. The platform's user-friendly interface combined with enterprise-level capabilities make it an essential tool for safeguarding passwords and private data in an increasingly vulnerable digital landscape.

  • Regions: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, Worldwide
  • Affiliate Platform: Rakuten Advertising
  • Commission: 10% per sale

5. LifeLock

LifeLock provides comprehensive identity theft protection services designed to safeguard personal information in an increasingly digital world. Utilizing advanced technology, the company monitors a variety of identity-related events, such as credit applications and data breaches, offering alerts to potential threats. In the event of identity theft, LifeLock offers restoration services with a team of specialists dedicated to helping resolve issues. Their commitment extends beyond monitoring, with insurance policies in place to cover eligible losses due to identity theft, ensuring peace of mind for their subscribers.

  • Regions: United States, Worldwide
  • Affiliate Platform: CJ Affiliate
  • Commission: 20% per sale

6. Sucuri

Sucuri provides comprehensive website security solutions to protect online businesses from threats and attacks. Their services include malware detection and removal, hack repair, and prevention measures, ensuring that websites remain safe and operational around the clock. With a dedicated team of security experts, Sucuri also offers a website firewall to block harmful traffic before it reaches your site. By prioritizing customer support and offering actionable security insights, Sucuri stands as a trusted partner in maintaining the integrity of digital properties across the web.

  • Regions: United States, Worldwide
  • Affiliate Platform: CJ Affiliate
  • Commission: 29.$97-209.$79 per sale

7. McAfee

McAfee, a globally recognized cybersecurity company, provides comprehensive digital protection solutions for consumers and businesses alike. Their offerings encompass a wide range of security software, including antivirus, identity theft protection, and advanced threat defense systems to safeguard devices and data from online threats. With a commitment to innovation and user-friendly products, McAfee ensures seamless integration of security measures into everyday technology use. The company's dedication to privacy and safety empowers users with the tools needed to navigate the digital world securely.

  • Regions: United States, Worldwide
  • Affiliate Platform: CJ Affiliate
  • Commission: $10 per sale

8. LastPass

LastPass is a comprehensive password management solution that secures and simplifies your digital life by storing all your passwords in one encrypted vault. With robust features like password generation, autofill, and secure sharing, LastPass ensures that your sensitive information remains protected across multiple devices. The platform also offers advanced security measures such as multi-factor authentication to provide an additional layer of protection for user accounts. By streamlining the process of managing login credentials, LastPass helps individuals and businesses enhance their online security while improving efficiency.

  • Regions: Worldwide
  • Affiliate Platform: Impact
  • Commission: 25%-50% Paid Account


ESET Software, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, has been pioneering digital protection since 1987. Their advanced technology shields users against everything from common malware to sophisticated cyber threats across all types of devices. Trusted by millions of users worldwide, ESET's comprehensive suite of security products is designed to ensure seamless and safe online experiences for both consumers and businesses. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, ESET continues to set the standard in proactive internet security with its multi-layered defense system powered by cutting-edge research and development.

10. MacKeeper

Mackeeper is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution designed to provide users with robust protection against digital threats and optimize their Mac's performance. With a suite of tools that includes antivirus, adware cleaning, and data encryption, Mackeeper safeguards personal information and enhances system functionality for an improved user experience. The platform emphasizes ease of use with its intuitive interface, ensuring even novice users can maintain their privacy and security effortlessly. Committed to staying ahead in the ever-evolving cyber landscape, Mackeeper continuously updates its software to defend against the latest malware and online vulnerabilities.

  • Regions: United States, Worldwide
  • Affiliate Platform: Awin
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Commission: N/A

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