273 Best Health Affiliate Programs (2024)

Embarking on a journey to promote wellness and health can be rewarding and profitable. With the rise of health consciousness among consumers, there’s never been a better time to tap into the lucrative world of health affiliate programs. Whether your audience is interested in nutritional supplements, fitness equipment, or mental health resources, there’s an affiliate program that aligns with their needs and your content.

Health affiliate programs offer a variety of benefits, including competitive commission rates, high conversion potential, and the opportunity to partner with some of the most trusted names in the industry. By joining these programs, you can provide valuable recommendations for products and services that genuinely improve people’s lives while earning income through commissions on sales made through your referral links.

Finding the best health affiliate program requires considering factors such as commission structure, cookie duration, product quality, brand reputation, and marketing support provided by the merchant. Choosing programs that offer great financial incentives and resonate with your audience’s values and interests is important.

Below, you’ll find carefully selected logos and direct links to top-tier health affiliate programs designed for various niches within the wellness industry. These are handpicked based on their success rates, payout reliability, quality of products or services, and popularity among affiliates like yourself.

Top Health Affiliate Programs

Here's a highlight of the top 10 affiliate programs in the health niche. Each affiliate program was chosen based on its popularity, conversion ability, payout structure, and product quality.

1. LetsGetChecked

LetsGetChecked offers a convenient and confidential way to manage your health with at-home testing kits covering a wide range of medical concerns, from sexual health to chronic conditions. Their easy-to-use service provides accurate laboratory results, often within days, coupled with access to dedicated clinical support for any follow-up needs. By empowering individuals with the tools for proactive health monitoring, LetsGetChecked bridges the gap between traditional healthcare and modern-day convenience. With an array of tests that include wellness screenings, hormone levels, and COVID-19 testing options, they deliver personalized insights directly into the hands of those seeking control over their own well-being.

  • Regions: Worldwide
  • Affiliate Platform: Impact
  • Commission: 5%-10% per sale

2. CVS

CVS is a renowned pharmacy and health solutions provider, offering a comprehensive range of services that include prescription medications, over-the-counter products, and health care services through their MinuteClinic locations. With an extensive online presence at cvs.com, customers can manage prescriptions, schedule MinuteClinic visits, and access personalized wellness support from the comfort of their homes. The company also provides a variety of beauty and personal care items alongside convenient photo printing services. CVS stands as a trusted name in healthcare by prioritizing accessibility to essential pharmacy services and fostering healthier communities across the United States.

  • Regions: United States, Worldwide
  • Affiliate Platform: CJ Affiliate
  • Commission: 1% per sale

3. GNC

GNC, short for General Nutrition Centers, is a leading global health and wellness brand that specializes in vitamins, supplements, minerals, herbs, sports nutrition, diet, and energy products. With a commitment to quality and innovation, GNC offers scientifically formulated products designed to support the health goals of individuals across all life stages. As an industry pioneer with over 85 years of experience, GNC sets the standard in the nutritional supplement industry by demanding truth in labeling and ingredient safety. Consumers can trust GNC for their wide range of products aimed at enhancing overall well-being through rigorous testing and research-backed ingredients.

  • Regions: United States, Worldwide
  • Affiliate Platform: CJ Affiliate
  • Commission: 3%, $0-$5 per sale

4. Hims

Hims is a telehealth company offering a modern approach to health and wellness for men, with a focus on providing accessible treatment options across various categories. Their platform connects individuals with licensed healthcare professionals, enabling confidential consultations and personalized treatment plans from the comfort of home. Specializing in areas such as hair loss, erectile dysfunction, skincare, and mental health support, Hims is dedicated to breaking down barriers to care by delivering prescription medications and over-the-counter products directly to customers' doors. With an emphasis on discretion and convenience, Hims empowers men to proactively manage their health with clinically proven solutions.

  • Regions: United Kingdom, Worldwide
  • Affiliate Platform: Impact
  • Commission: 10%-30% per sale

5. Check My Body Health

Check My Body Health offers comprehensive health insights through cutting-edge bioresonance testing, providing individuals with detailed reports on food sensitivities, environmental allergies, and nutritional imbalances. Utilizing non-invasive hair sample analysis, the company delivers personalized results that empower customers to make informed decisions about their diet and lifestyle. With a focus on holistic well-being, Check My Body Health aids in identifying potential factors contributing to discomfort or health issues. Their services are designed to complement traditional healthcare by uncovering hidden sensitivities that could be affecting one's quality of life.

  • Regions: United States, Worldwide
  • Affiliate Platform: Awin
  • Cookie Duration: 14 days
  • Commission: N/A

6. Wellabs

Wellabs is an innovative wellness brand dedicated to crafting premium dietary supplements that support a diverse range of health needs. With a focus on purity and potency, their products are formulated using high-quality, non-GMO ingredients to promote optimal well-being. From vitamins and minerals to herbal extracts, Wellabs offers a holistic approach to nutrition, catering to individuals seeking natural ways to maintain and enhance their health. Their commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction is evident through detailed product information and rigorous testing standards available on their website.

  • Regions: United States, Worldwide
  • Affiliate Platform: CJ Affiliate
  • Commission: 8% per sale

7. goop

Goop is a modern lifestyle brand founded by Gwyneth Paltrow, offering a meticulously curated collection of beauty, wellness, and home products alongside fashion items. With an emphasis on clean living and mindful consumption, Goop provides an extensive range of high-quality goods that encourage personal growth and self-care. The company also delivers engaging content through articles, recipes, podcasts, and wellness tips that align with its holistic approach to life. Through its multi-faceted platform, Goop aims to inspire healthier choices across all aspects of daily living.

  • Regions: United States, Worldwide
  • Affiliate Platform: CJ Affiliate
  • Commission: 2% per sale

8. NHC Vitamins

NHC Vitamins, a trusted leader in the health and wellness industry, offers an extensive range of high-quality dietary supplements and natural health products. With a commitment to purity and potency, NHC provides customers with carefully vetted vitamins, minerals, herbs, and specialty formulas designed to support optimal health and vitality. Their dedication to education empowers consumers with the knowledge needed to make informed choices about their personal wellness journeys. As an established online retailer since 1995, NHC Vitamins stands out for its exceptional customer service and unwavering dedication to delivering the best in natural health solutions.

  • Regions: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, Worldwide
  • Affiliate Platform: Rakuten Advertising
  • Commission: 6% per sale

9. Nutri-Genetix

Nutri-Genetix (NGX) offers a revolutionary approach to nutrition by providing personalized meal shakes tailored to your unique genetic makeup. Harnessing the power of DNA testing, NGX crafts nutrient-rich blends designed to optimize health, performance, and fitness goals based on individual genetic profiles. With a commitment to scientific research and high-quality ingredients, Nutri-Genetix ensures each customer receives a bespoke nutrition solution that supports their body's specific needs. Dive into the future of personalized wellness with NGX's innovative blend of genetics and nutrition science for an enhanced dietary experience.

  • Regions: United Kingdom, Worldwide
  • Affiliate Platform: CJ Affiliate
  • Commission: 5%-20% per sale

10. Balance of Nature

Balance of Nature is dedicated to enhancing health through whole food-based nutrition, offering a range of supplements made from real fruits and vegetables. Their products are designed to provide the natural benefits of phytonutrients, without the addition of synthetic vitamins or fillers. With a commitment to quality and purity, Balance of Nature's Fruits & Veggies capsules and Fiber & Spice powders aim to support a balanced diet and overall wellness. The company emphasizes education on healthy living while providing accessible nutritional options for those seeking an extra boost from nature's bounty.

  • Regions: Worldwide
  • Affiliate Platform: ShareASale
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days
  • Commission: 12% per sale

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