168 Best Game Affiliate Programs (2024)

Are you passionate about gaming and looking to monetize your website or blog? Joining a game affiliate program can be an excellent way to earn income while sharing your favorite games. With the rise of online gaming, there’s never been a better time to tap into this lucrative market. Whether your audience is interested in console games, PC games, mobile gaming, or even gaming accessories, there’s an affiliate program that fits your niche.

The best game affiliate programs offer competitive commissions, high-quality promotional materials, and a wide selection of products to promote. They provide affiliates with real-time tracking tools and dedicated support to help maximize earnings. By partnering with these top-tier programs, you can give value to your audience while generating revenue through referrals.

Below are some of the most reputable game affiliate programs available today. Each has been carefully selected based on its commission structure, brand recognition, and various products offered. You can explore these options and choose the ones that work best with your content strategy.

Top Game Affiliate Programs

Here's a highlight of the top 5 affiliate programs in the game niche. Each affiliate program was chosen based on its popularity, conversion ability, payout structure, and product quality.

1. American Girl

American Girl is a renowned company that specializes in producing high-quality dolls, books, clothes, and accessories for children. The company is celebrated for its line of historical and contemporary dolls, each accompanied by a unique story to inspire and educate young girls. American Girl also offers an interactive online platform and retail stores that provide immersive experiences. The company's mission is to empower girls and help them develop a strong sense of self. American Girl is a subsidiary of Mattel, a global leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of toys and family products.

  • Regions: United States, Worldwide
  • Affiliate Platform: CJ Affiliate
  • Commission: 1% per sale

2. GameFly

GameFly offers a comprehensive video game rental service, allowing gamers across the United States to enjoy a vast selection of titles for consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo. With flexible membership plans, customers can rent games with no late fees and keep them as long as they like. Additionally, GameFly provides the option to buy rented games at discounted prices for those who fall in love with a particular title. Their commitment to providing an extensive library of games ensures that players always have access to both new releases and classic favorites without the need for expensive purchases.

  • Regions: United States, Worldwide
  • Affiliate Platform: CJ Affiliate
  • Commission: 10% per sale

3. Matchbox

Matchbox ignites the imagination of children worldwide with its iconic die-cast vehicles and playsets, offering an expansive range of car toys that cater to collectors and young enthusiasts alike. With a history spanning over six decades, Matchbox has established itself as a leader in creating miniature models that mirror real-world adventure and exploration. The brand's commitment to detailed craftsmanship and educational play experiences is evident through its diverse product lines, which encompass everything from classic cars to rugged off-road trucks. As part of Mattel, Matchbox continues to drive innovation in the toy industry while maintaining its timeless appeal for generations of fans.

4. Playmobil

Playmobil is a renowned creator of imaginative playsets that spark the creativity and adventure in children across the globe. With a diverse range of themes, from pirates and princesses to city life and fantasy worlds, these intricately designed toys offer endless storytelling possibilities for kids of all ages. Established over four decades ago, Playmobil continues to expand its collection with innovative designs that adhere to the highest safety and quality standards. The brand's commitment to fostering playtime is evident through its interactive figures and play environments that encourage educational fun through hands-on engagement.

  • Regions: United States, Worldwide
  • Affiliate Platform: CJ Affiliate
  • Commission: 3% per sale

5. Disney Outlet

Discover the magic of Disney at your fingertips with Disney Outlet, the UK's premier destination for authentic Disney merchandise at unbeatable prices. From beloved character plush toys and exclusive collectibles to fashion apparel and home decor, our extensive range caters to fans of all ages seeking a sprinkle of pixie dust in their lives. With new deals frequently added, our online store ensures that every Disney enthusiast can find their favorite piece of the enchanting universe without breaking the bank. Dive into a world where dreams come true with high-quality products that celebrate the timeless legacy of Disney storytelling.

  • Regions: United Kingdom, Worldwide
  • Affiliate Platform: CJ Affiliate
  • Commission: 4% per sale

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